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All the skill and tradition of fine American bootmaking go into this line of handmade footwear. The technique dates from the 1800's and was used in making logging boots for a demanding clientele. Bottoms are hand-lasted of 7-8 oz. bullhide and fully lined with 3 oz. leather. The welt and upper are hand sewn to the bottom. No seam penetrates to the inside of the boot. This, when combined with the full gusset design, gives the ultimate in water-tight construction. All uppers are of HH (4-5 oz.) leather. A variety of soles is available to suit your specific needs.

Available in men's and women's sizes, in 10" lace-up, 12" pull-on, or knee-high pull-on, these boots provide the ultimate in superior quality.

The Northland Handmade is a new addition to the MacRostie line, available in the same styles as the Highland Handmade. We have introduced this line to make a more affordable boot available to our customers. With uppers made the same as the Highland, the bottoms are made using shoe techniques.

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