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I'd like to let our members know of a great source for custom motorcycle boots and shoes.

I first met Elaine and Lyle MacRostie at the BMW National Rally in Moodus, Connecticut, in '94. I saw a man and woman, both smoking corncob pipes, with a display of beautiful boots that looked like the answer to my prayers. I'd been looking for brown "no frills" boots (no straps, buckles, or do-dads) for years. Well, seven years later I'm still wearing the same boots Lyle and Elaine custom measured me for that day. After taking eight or ten different measurements of my feet the wait began. I got my boots about six months later and it was well worth the wait.

Since that day, my first stop at the rally each year is the MacRostie Leather booth. I literally kick off my shoes (well, boots) and Lyle treats the leather for me while Elaine and I decide what kind of shoes I'm ordering next. Needless to say, I now own several pairs of MacRosties. Elaine and Lyle live in Minnesota so if you can't get to the rally to see them (or just don't want to wait) check out their website: and become the proud owner of a pair of boots that will last as long as your Beemer!

Rick Miner #61051
Saddle River, New Jersey


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