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Beyond My Wildest Expectations

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Dear Elaine,

What a terrific surprise when I got to the office yesterday after a week's vacation - the package with your moccasins was there waiting for me. I opened the package as soon as I got home and just looking at them I knew they were something special! I put them on and wore them all evening - for a while with socks and later without. Either way they were way beyond my wildest expectations. The fit is perfect and the comfort unimaginably good. I could go on and on raving about them but I know you're busy and have probably heard it all thousands of times before. Thank you and Bud for taking special care to make my moccasins, "one of a kind just for me". Please feel free to make the Hard Soled Moccasins and/or Oxfords when their turn in queue comes up - the only problem now is, since I've experienced your moccasins I'm even more impatient to receive my other shoes! Your product is truly a labor of love and I can hardly wait.

With my sincerest thanks and highest respect to you both!

Warmest regards,
Mick Cabarrus
San Francisco, California


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