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"I wore your oxfords yesterday-what a fantastic, comfortable shoe! My office staff loved the bag and could not believe that it and your shoes are handmade!"
...Joel Krinitz, Bergenfield, NJ

"I received my (repaired Gokey Upland) boots and they are "GREAT" The white stitching and soles are perfect. I can never remember my boots being this comfortable as well as good looking. They should last many more generations. Wonderful job well done."
...Mark Hubbard, Martinez, CA

"Great news! I got married, and while my bride required me to wear my wingtips for the ceremony, she allowed me to change into my MacRosties for the reception. What a woman!"
...Tony S., San Deigo, CA

"I received my Highland Handmade Pull-on Boots a couple of days ago. The fit is absolutely perfect, and the craftsmanship is superb! I've got a few miles on them and a few scratches as well. Like a new car, the first scratch is hard to take, but then you can start to enjoy them! My Hard/soft sole Moccasins are stunning and fit like a glove as I knew they would. Thank you for taking the care and time that I know goes into every pair of your handmade shoes and boots. They are a pleasure to wear and to own. Thanks again!"
...Robert Nunnally, Hickory Grove Plantation, Ellaville, Georgia

"When Harold opened his gift he was totally surprised and "blown away" upon seeing the Hard-soled Moccasins you had made for him!!! His comment was, 'You've got to be kidding! I can't believe they look and feel just like my original ones the first time!' - 17 years ago. Keeping the surprise for so long was extremely difficult, especially once the shoes arrived, but it was well worth the effort!"
...Sherry and Harold Winebaugh, South Beloit, Illinois

"I received the Oxfords a little over a week ago and didn’t email you because I wanted to have a chance to try them out first. First of all, the shoes look beautiful. Now that I’ve had a chance to wear them for a few days I can tell you the fit and comfort are the best! I usually spend a little more for my shoes because I believe it usually pays you back in better comfort, style, and value – and yours are no exception. In fact all 3 pairs of my MacRostie Leathers shoes are at the top of my “favorites list”. Until my next order I wish you both all the best and sincere thanks for allowing me to join the MacRostie family. Warmest regards"
...Mick Cabarrus, San Rafael, California

"Best Moccasins Ever! We are visiting New York City with our father in a nice hotel. Our conversation went to finding good quality merchandise, and our dad cited the example of your wonderful moccasins that he has worn for 14 years. We can't find anything so special here in the big city. Congrats!"
...Jolie, Robin and Joe Harris, Cincinnati, Ohio

"My shoes have been terrific. Great fit and most comfortable shoes I've ever worn."
...Stephen Sebestyen, Grand Rapids, Minnesota

"Nice to meet you! I knew I would be impressed with the workmanship and the quality of your boots and shoes. I was quite sure I would find you both to be very genuine and proud of the product that you fabricate. It is nice to meet people like you who love each other and love their work. Your children and especially your grandchildren are so lucky to have you as role models and value setters.

I wish I had met you two years earlier when I first found your website and I could be wearing your your shoes already. I read all of the customer comments on your website, and now I can identify with one of them, "now that my order is in I want them yesterday". Thank you for sharing your shop, your home and your love for life. I WILL see you again."

...Jim Connors, Mankato,Minnesota

"Hello! I'm pleased to have bought a pair of your custom fit Town & Country shoes at a BMW national Rally in Connecticut sometime in the 90's. Get this, I hardly ever wore them, if at all, for maybe 15+ years! Then, one day not too long ago when I looked at them with fresh eyes, and slipped them on, in almost new condition, and I was astounded by their comfort and beauty...and I said to myself, "I'll be damned, these shoes are wonderful!! They are now my primary riding shoe! I'm taking my bike to Europe for maybe a year, along with your incredibly good shoes! Thank you for the excellence of your work. I'm so pleased to own these great shoes that are worth every penny I paid for them, and then some. My best regards to both of you."

...Middleton O'Malley, New Orleans, Louisiana

"My Hard-soled Moccasins arrived and I love them very much. The fit is excellent and they just are a gorgeous looking shoe...Also, love the soft feel of the bottom on the inside of the shoe. I know that you make the shoes moccasin style so that is why the soft comfortable feel on the bottom of the foot."
...Tom Regnier, Scottsdale, Arizona

"My re-soled T&Cs arrived yesterday and you did a magnificent job. They just scream 'Hundreds of miles of comfortable walking.'"
...Adam Lutynski, Boston, Massachusetts

"I received the moccasins. They are outstanding. The quality of the workmanship is as advertised. Often now days unfortunately the product does not often live up to the description. I am quite pleased to say the moccasins are everything and more you describe. The fit is perfect. I honestly have to look to see if they are on as they are so comfortable. This is a welcome departure from my usual experience with shoes. I look forward to the oxfords. Is it possible to also get a pair of town and country shoes? I hate to sound greedy but I am aware of your reported "slowing down" and I would like to have a supply laid in while possible."

...John Graham, St. Charles, Missouri

"We got our shoes today and they fit great right out of the box! Val & I have to tell you that we absolutely love our new shoes! It's great to see high quality, American craftsmanship! Your workmanship is unbelievable!"
...Jim & Val Kjelstrup, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

"I just received my (repaired Gokey) Moccasins. I can't believe how good they look! S-P-E-C-T-A-C-U-L-A-R is the only way I can describe them! You are true artisans."
...Peter F. Reali, Jr., Ridley Park, Pennsylvania

"I received my shoes today... I'm sure you have heard many times from people how they like their new shoes, so all I can do is add my praise! Excellent shoes!"
...Scott Norris, Knoxville, Maryland

"I'm giving away all my Orvis/Gokey boots, can't compare to yours which are the genuine article. I have been wearing my Special Order 12" Highland Lace-ups all day, they sure do fit well and are very comfortable." See the boots
...Donald Woodson, Valley Center, California

"I wore the Highland boots today and they fit perfectly. I haven't owned a pair of field boots so fine since I received my first pair of Gokeys 30 years ago. I will enjoy wearing them and each time think of the skill and dedication required to make them. You can be justifiably proud of your boots."
...Lance Hungerford, Tampa, Florida

"I got my boots today and they are absolutely beautiful. At first blush they also seem to fit perfectly. Thank you very much for your wonderful work!"
...Ed Kreps, New York, New York

"Five pairs of MacRostie Leathers Shoes and 17 years of wear, I love them! I first met you at the Art Fair on the Square in Madison, Wisconsin, in 1991. Since getting MacRostie Leather shoes, I wear no other. My feet and I thank you! Stay warm this winter and thanks for the great shoes!"
...Jim Keene, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

"Thanks so much for the magical, wonderful shoes!"
...Mike Rivard, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"The boots came today and they fit perfectly. It is amazing how important that wiggle room in an exact measurement helps; it was just enough to keep my feet comfortable when I took a six-hour hike over rocky terrain. Thanks again!"
...Steve Taylor, Denton, Texas

"Since wearing the MacRostie shoes, I can wear no other. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned, and I am 83 years old....I'm pleased to note your continuing success and congratulate you and your husband for producing such a quality product."
...Bernard R. Gold, New Rochelle, New York

"Thanks so much for the great shoes (oxfords) and the repair. I expect I'll be calling again for re-soling in six years! I've worn these shoes pretty much 7 days a week since I purchased them."
...Chip Jacobs, Duluth, Minnesota

"I just received my boots and I must say they were well worth the wait. They fit perfect and feel like I have worn them for years. My feet and I thank you."
...Bryan Ethier, Marietta, Georgia

"Haven't had 'em off since I got 'em!"
...Jimmie Fadden, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

"Hi Elaine and Bud! You really do make the most comfortable shoes on the planet!"
...Greg Schulte, Staten Island, New York

"I have had my moccasins on for a week. They are now grafted to the bottom of my feet... There hasn't been this much excitement below my waist in years. Thank you Lyle and Elaine for keeping this art alive."
...Bill Fuller, Gardena, California

"These moccasins are the best item I have purchased for a long time. They are so comfortable that I forgot I had them on and nearly fell asleep with them on my feet! So often I spend money on something, don't use it, or it really isn't as good as I expected. These are getting used daily, look great and sooooo worth the money and the wait! Thanks!"
...Cynthia Peticolas-Stroud, Lyons, Oregon

"It was almost shocking when I first put on my new mocs yesterday. They fit my feet so well... like they were hand-made or something. Hah. Within the half-hour, they had already formed to my toes and the ball of my foot, and by later in the evening I had the sensation that I wasn't wearing shoes at all, but rather a new layer of skin. Gotta love'em!"
...Clyde Willis, Jacksonville, Florida

"My boots, shoes and bag are some of my most treasured possessions. If only everything were as thoughtfully designed, beautifully crafted and tirelessly useful."
...Justin Moodie, London, England

"I love the Moccasins, I admire them all the time. I know that in the style of shoes you create (American Moccasin), I have never seen or hope to see better workmanship."
...Satbir Bedi, Earth

"Dear Elves,
Believe it or not, I can't find your mailing address. My Town and Country boots are taped in a box. I miss them, already. I may take them out for the day. I know that they need your attention. I am so lucky, as they are, to have you!"
...Jimmy Ibbotson (Ibby), Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Woody Creek, Colorado

"Hi Elaine, The boots (Highland Handmade Pull-on) have arrived! They are everything that you said they would be, a real work of art — it almost doesn't seem right to wear them. The fit is very comfortable — my toes thank you — I have more of a paw than a foot. The workman(workwoman)ship is certainly beyond anything that can be bought elsewhere! I shall treasure these boots always. A customer for life!"
...Greg Schulte, Staten Island, New York

"The boots (Highland Handmade Lace-up) are unbelievably comfortable. My feet just melt into them and I don't want to take them off!
P.S. The Town and Country shoes are just as wonderful!"
...Tom Baugh, Roanoke, Virginia

"Got a chance to really wear them (Highland Handmade Pull-on boots) daily for about two weeks. Perfect in every way!"
...Cal Mowrer, Richardson, Texas

"I send my compliments to you and Lyle on the beautiful boots you made for me. They are truly a work of art! Every time I wear them, they are more comfortable. They are truly waterproof and are perfect for the outdoor activities I enjoy so much. I feel very fortunate to be a proud owner of a pair of MacRostie Leathers Highland Handmade Knee-High Boots. Thanks for making it possible."
...Stephen Felker, Monroe, Georgia

"The boots and moccasins fit perfectly and are beautifully made. I have never had so comfortable shoes. You are a treasure and I look forward to the next order arriving at the end of the year. Thanks for your excellent service and craftsmanship. I'm so glad I found you on the internet."
...Tom Baugh, Roanoke, Virginia

"Shoes arrived today and they're absolutely stunning - rugged (as expected) but still visually distinctive, stylish (almost in a l9th century vintage sort of way). I love all the personalizing details of your products, website and business (personalized emails and notes written on your telltale legal lined paper). Even the year long wait is a bit of a novelty in this on demand retail world. You guys really are something special and I do feel lucky to have found you (on the impersonal internet, of all places!)."
...Lesli Larson, Eugene, Oregon

"I know you've heard it before, but I just have to say they are the very best shoes I have ever had in my life!"
...Cliff Larry, Fort Francis, Ontario, Canada

"I have received my new shoes and am wearing them. They are beautiful and oh so comfortable. Thank you."
...Chris B., Brattleboro, Vermont

"Your shoes are, hands down, the best shoes I have ever owned. Congratulations on such a great product."
...Charles W. M., Chevy Chase, Maryland

"I received my [repaired dog-chewed Town & Country] shoes this morning. Oh How Pretty They Are!! They are my No.1 riding shoes/boots, hold a spur perfectly in place, and I can walk away from a horse in the best of comfort. You can add that to the description of these shoes!!"
...Jennifer S., Lafayette, Colorado

The moccasins are beautiful, definitely fit for a princess or queen! The workmanship is beautiful; you must be very proud of your unique work. I have been looking for double-soled moccasins for so long....and I found you through BMW motorcycles - the rally in West Virginia that you didn't come to!"
...Sydney B., Sarasota, Florida

"You two are artists extraordinaire!"
...Jerry P. Minneapolis, MN

"Thanks, Elaine. This is the first time since I don't know when that I can say I'm looking forward to February!"
...Dann C., St. Paul, Minnesota

"I found you! Thank God for Google!"
...Leeds B., Berlin, Vermont

"I think twenty years is a pretty good run for moccasins! Please find mine enclosed (for new soles), I look forward to another twenty."
...Peter W., Fearrington Post, NC

"Dave said to tell you that he wore his shoes the first 24 hours he got them. That's not true, because I wouldn't let him wear them to bed! They fit perfectly and he really loves them."
...Judy W., Lakeland, Florida

"I wanted to wear them to bed last night!!!!...I am so ecstatic about these shoes, they fit so nice...thanks again!"
...Jerry P., Minneapolis, MN

"What a wonderful surprise to open the box and find the (Gokey*) boots looking and feeling better than ever. Lyle did a wonderful job, they now fit and are more than comfortable. You have indeed learned your craft. I'm filing your letter and address away so after I've worn them for another 25 years I can and will pass them along. Thanks again...and good luck."
...Daniel F., Fort Thomas, KY
*similar to our Northland Pullons

"I hope that you get back to the New York area for a show so that I can say hello and tell you both in person who much I love your Moccasins"
.....Marty S., Merrick, New York

"Peter thanks you for the comfort & sturdiness of your shoes. It helped him on September 11th walk the 8 miles home as he was 2 blocks away from the World Trade Center."
...Randi S., New York, New York

"I recently discovered your website and found it a true joy. As a wearer of Gokeys for many years, I found it difficult to contain my excitement at finding that, at this day and age, a business such as yours still exists. I wish to order two pairs from you..."
...Greg S., New York City

Golly, the boots are wonderful and you even did all those extra things. I am the happy fellow here. They look great and feel perfect. The buckles are just perfect, too. What a pleasure!
...Louis M., Palo Alto, California

On Peter's behalf, thanks again! The shoes fit like gloves!
...Marilyn M., Lindsay, Ontario, Canada

Hey guys, I just wanted to say hi from a cafe in a little town of Glenorchy on the south island here in New Zealand. The boots have been on my feet since I received them. I've greased them up several times now and they haven't leaked a drop in all the rain we've ridin (motorcycle/beemer) in.
...Brian B., Philomath, Oregon

Yea...just picked up the boots and they fit great! It's a beautiful day here in New York so I think I'm gonna go take a ride (motorcycle/beemer) and see how they go... Thanks again very much. They are beautiful and well worth the wait!
...Jan R/G., New Paltz, New York

Incredible fast turn around! And what a beautiful job. With the new soles and whatever you did to rehabilitate the uppers, they are like new. Many, many thanks!
...Abe Katz, New York, New York

My boots came in last week and "wow!" what a great fit! Thank you so much for the work you do. There's an art to your craft and the time and attention-to-detail are so evident in the final product.
...Diana D., McKinney, Texas

Imelda wouldn't have needed 3000 pairs if she came to you first...Thanks for the great shoes!
...Steve B., Cape Elizabeth, Maine

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