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This pair of Gokey Botte Sauvage Supreme Knee-high Pull-on Boots was made in the 1920s by the people that taught the people that taught the people that taught us - what's the bench life of a shoemaker?! It's amazing that nothing has changed in the techniques used from theirs to ours in the 90 to 100 years since they were made! Jonathan Wort inherited them from his Grandfather who passed away in 195l and he plans to pass them on to one of his sons. Lyle replaced the welts, midsoles and soles, and he and Elaine replaced the buckle straps and gussets. Lyle used the same holes in the bottom of the boots that the master bootmaker made when he stitched the original welts nearly a century ago. The leather in the bottoms was still like new and well worth continuing!

Gokey Botte Sauvage before repair
This is a pair of The Gokey Botte Sauvage Snake Proof Boots made in 1961! The welt had been damaged, the soles were worn out, and one of the top buckle straps was torn. The leather is in great shape after 43 years and they are well worth repairing.
  After repair
This is the same pair of boots after Lyle replaced the section of damage welt, restitching through the same holes, so their integrity has not been compromised. He also added midsoles and replaced the soles and gave them a generous coat of shoe oil. Elaine fixed the top buckle strap. Impressively, these boots are ready for another 43 years!

40-year-old Gokey knee highs
These are very rare Gokey "Supreme" Knee High, Pull-on boots that were made in 1963. They were a special order item, and Gokey did not make very many of them. They are similar to our Northland boots, only with a full lining in the bottom. After 40 years, the midsoles had disintegrated but the leather was still in excellent condition, and they were well worth repairing.

  After repair
This is the same pair of boots after Lyle hand-welted them, as in our Highland Handmade boots, to preserve the integrity of the full lining. We fixed the top buckle straps and replaced the midsoles and soles. They truly are ready for another 40 years!
Gokey Boots before repair
These are Richard Gokey's Gokey Boots! Richard is a collateral descendant of Noah Gokey who founded the Gokey Boot Company in Jamestown, NY, in the early 1800s. He needs some minor adjustments to the fit, and the hand-sewn seam needs some touch-up stitching in the toes and on down the sides. The original, authentic, Gokey soles are still fine. Because the label is blue, we know these boots date back to the 1960s, or beyond! They are in great shape and well worth refurbishing.

  After repair
Here are the same pair of boots after a little TLC! All Richard Gokey could say when he got them back was "Beautiful!! Job well done!"

Moccasins before repair
The bench on which he sat, the rug on which he stood, for his fitting for these Moccasins on 4th of July, 1987, at Lincoln Center in New York City - almost 20 years later!

  After repair - hanging from the Christmas tree
The tree on which he found his repaired Moccasins on Christmas morning, after weeks of searching for them, wondering where they had gone! See Stone Sole Christmas.

Double-soled Moccasins before repair
Double-soled Moccasins sent in for repair for the first time since purchased in 1994. Original letter was enclosed.

  After repair
The same pair of moccasins a week later, after being resoled.

Badly Dog-chewed Town and Country shoes before repair
The dog really went after these Town & Country Shoes - twice! The right shoe came in a couple of years ago, and now here's the left!

  After repair
The same shoes after being repaired.

Badly Dog-chewed moccasins before repair
The dog got to this pair and went at it.

  After repair
The same pair of hard-soled moccasins after being repaired.


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