BMW International Motorcycle Rally, 2005

David Pointer, Webmaster of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, came to the rally (in a borrowed BMW convertible!) to have Bud take his fitting for a gift pair of shoes of his choice (oxfords) from one of the lads in the band!

Bob Denk, aka "Mr. Clean", wearing his MacRostie oxfords, proudly astride the "Dreamcycle", his project bike which won "Best of Show" in its category. It is a 1983R ST with 1000CC cylinders.

Bob MacMillan, our good friend from Mossley, Ontario, Canada, putting on his ten year old "Highland Handmade" lace boots, so he could send his 8 year old Hard-soled Moccasins back with us for new soles and heels.

Hall Hanes, in his "birthday surprise, special order, High Top Moccasins, with kilties", making a flex bracket for his fender. In the Anonymous Book, this would be ws p.

Hall's Flex Bracket and High top Moccasins. Note to self: "Oil leather flex bracket" on bike maintenance check list.

This is one of the many Vendor booths damaged by a very powerful straight-line wind.

Bud and several other people caught this booth as it was being blown crossways, feet first, between the food vendors.

Bud and Bill Hess, both wearing our Hard-soled Moccasins, are securing our booth after the wind, before the rain. Although we weren't at our booth when the wind hit, Elaine rushed back to find the tarp straining at the ropes, caught like a sail. With the help of a Volunteer and our friend, Bill, she got the roof off. Then Bud showed up.

This is the volunteer who helped! Thank you! I couldn't have done it without you!

Birds eyelet view!