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Tribute from Ibby

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Dear Elfin Royalty

Your subjects assemble at your feet on Earthday. Greetings. The sound of geese and the fridge in my ear as I put cyber pen to paper. I am back from a grueling and successful tour of strange facilities that cater to the singer/songwriter crowd. If I were planning a joint, it would be just like these. They loved me, standing in my T&Cs, singing the songs that they loved in the voice that they heard, back then. My voice is stronger, as you can imagine. I love singing against the power of my J-100 and the drum kit.

When you sing with a band, you have to do it more passionately. I mean, you have to take a deeper breath and be a bit surer of your delivery. The drum fights me just enough to make me draw deeper on my spirit, than if I were just playing a guitar. You should know that the T&Cs give me the perfect arch support for hours of strong foot pedal play.

But, standing straight at the mike. That's when I am most aware of the confident grip that these magic shoes give me. I am connected to the Earth through the expert cobblery of the elves at MacRostie Leathers, on the edge of the Northern Wasteland. Made strong by the challenge of the Minnesota winter, they use their joyful spirit and consumate talent to craft, by hand, leather miracles, fitted unerringly to each client's foot. Stories of recovery from fear and addiction are often told back stage, when two MacRostie wearers meet.

Many a cold summer evening in the mountains above the tavern are warmed by the singing of lilts and lays, dedicated to the strength a man feels when his shoes are perfect. Working with the MacRostie Foundation's WELL-SHOD LEADER'S SEMINARS, I have seen how cancer has been remitted and devils evicted when a new wearer felt the strength of character that comes from the ground, up.

Long live you Elves on the planet. Praise be to the One God for linking me with your powerful Art of Cobbling.

Cobble On, trusted friends.

Ibby, back in WC

This letter is posted with the permission of the writer, Jimmy Ibbotson, of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band


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