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My Newest "Macs"

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G'Morning Elaine, Bud,

I picked up my new hard-soled "Macs" yesterday and tried'em on immediately upon getting back to the house. Perfect. There's no better description for that first impression. The impression continued when I wore them out to the grocery store. I floated through the parking lot, the aisles, savoring every step. They love me - so accommodating, so intimately right, Ahhh... Who knew shoes could be so sensual? Like a foot massage...

Goodbye LLBean mocs! Goodbye Sperry! Goodbye Sebago! Never no more. Until getting MacRostie's, I had no idea just how bad my shoes have been.

There doesn't appear to be any "breaking in" necessary. They just seem so right. But I know they'll get even better as I wear them along and they become more and more "me."

Wonderful job, folks. Have a great holiday weekend!

My feet thank you, thank you, and thank you.

Best regards, Clyde

Clyde Willis
Jacksonville FL

ps: Thank you for the old-fashioned handwritten note. A rare pleasure these days.


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