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Value in Footwear

Comfort: The authentic "moccasin" construction featured in MacRostie footwear is a natural cradle for the foot. It spreads support around the ball, arch, and heel in a flexible, protective, hand-lasted form. Natural, breathing leather is all the foot touches.

Durability: Lockstitches applied by hand throughout all points of strain make MacRostie footwear low maintenance. A knot tied inside the seam makes each stitch of waxed dacron thread independent of the next. No machine can duplicate this process. Dark brown oil-tanned Brazil ski leather is used in our entire line. It repels moisture better and longer than leather tanned by other means. All materials we use are made in the U.S.A., including the steel shank, an integral part of all our shoes. Our construction techniques are unique to North America and are not practiced in Europe.

Repairability: Although our footwear is designed to last a very long time, good shoes get worn and eventually need repair. MacRostie footwear can be resoled or otherwise repaired easily, economically, and professionally when they are sent to us. For an example of the difference that our repair can make, click HERE.

Care of your footwear

The oil-tanned leather is not designed to be polished. Use polish only to cover a scratch. As the name implies, the oils that have been leached from the leather are replaced during the tanning process to give an excellent flexibility-to-thickness ratio.

Saddle soap should be used for general cleaning, as well as for removing salt stains. Mink oil or neatsfoot oil should be used, perhaps once a month, to feed the oil that is already in the leather.

Be sure to send them to us for repair.


Lyle MacRostie, shoemaker, working in his shop
The Other Shoemaker
Lyle MacRostie

Elaine MacRostie, shoemaker, at the display
The Other Shoemaker
Elaine MacRostie

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